Vikash Dhanuka
Chief Executive Officer
Satnam Singh
Chief Operating Officer
Sonnich Thomsen
MD, Bunkers
Tang Lay Hoon
Chief Finance Officer
Sonnich is our happy camper. His hobbies include playing tennis and squash. He has failed attempts of mastering the art of building sand castles with his daughter.
Satnam is a travel enthusiast. He has a huge interest in photography. He takes extra care of his health and wellness and likes to be fit. He is also fond of reading.
Amin Jairaj Koragappa
Head of Base Oil, APAC
Anurag Kumar
Senior VP, Human Resource
Felicia Sim
Team Leader, Asia
Haydn Lockhart-Barker
VP - Supply Chain & Analytics
Robin Van Elderen
Regional Head Bunkers, Americas & Europe
Sanket Sudhakar Naik
VP, Treasury & Investments
Haydn loves the great South African outdoors and has a particular fondness for camping and 4x4ing whenever the opportunity arises.
At leisure, he enjoys exercising, reading, good food and wine & travelling. Robin values spending time with family, friends and taking the dog for a walk.
Ulrich Rasmussen
VP - Credit Risk Management
Ulrich is an experienced bike rider, who spends countless hours on the roads of Singapore preparing for races abroad. His favorite Singapore food is Chili Crab.
For leisure, Felicia practices yoga, plays the violin, enjoys cooking, travelling, hiking and photography.
Anurag enjoys music, travelling and loves to play cricket whenever possible.
Jairaj enjoys playing cricket & travelling. He is also a Director of Mariners Cricket Club, Singapore, which is a non-profit making club.
Andreas Jensen
Bunker Trader
Georgios Angelos Kornarakis
Marine Fuel Specialist
Irene Notias
Country Manager
Jacky Nguyen
Senior Bunker Trader
Kurosh Khonsari
Sales Manager
Malek Mostapha
Team Lead, UAE
Jacky enjoys spending time with friends, sometimes listening to music, reading, travelling and playing outdoor sports. He is also passionate about learning new skills and have completed several training courses in Denmark and Singapore.
Kurosh is fun- loving and optimistic. He enjoys cooking and has a crazy passion for football.
When he is not working, Malek is travelling around the world, smashing the ball on a tennis court or trying out restaurants.
Nancy Shi
Base Oil Trader
Omar Din
Senior Bunker Trader
Ong Wei Han
Junior Bunker Trader
Prasoon Nambiar
Junior Bunker Trader
Tham Fook Leong
Base Oil Trader
Thanassis Theoharis
Senior Marine Fuel Specialist
An avid football enthusiast, Prasoon organises games locally and likes to go swimming at the beach. He also displays a flair to know different cultures and hiking along with trying out different cuisines.
In his free time, he enjoys running, swimming, and golfing.
Thanassis enjoys frequent escapes to the countryside by car and reading interesting books.
Vaishnav Kodoth
Bunker Trader
Vasileios Tsakiridis
Bunker Trader
Wilson Tang
Senior Bunker Trader
Vaishnav is a foodie and an adventure junkie. If he is not working, you can find him in his bed.
Vasileios enjoys hiking, travelling and going for swimming at the beach, and also enjoys reading books.
Wilson enjoys travelling to all corners in search of good food. Recently, Wilson has a newfound interest in cocktail mixing and hopes to come up with some astounding concoctions.
Irene enjoys creating all kinds of systems, stories, poems and writing articles, playing basketball, and volleyball. She believes in community and that as citizens we must contribute in all ways and means for a better life for all, thus Irene is a member of several charity organisations.
Andreas enjoys playing golf & soccer, and loves spending the other parts of his day in the company of his wife and 2 kids.
Andeline Chua
Finance Manager
Boobal Sagayaraj
Graphic Designer
Jemmalyn Ortega
Trade Documentations & Invoicing Officer
Jenizel Nonato
Trade Documentation Officer
Jez Lee
Marketing & Communications Manager
Khairunnisa Kamaruzaman
Admin Assistant
Jenizel, or more often known as Jen Jen, has green thumbs and enjoys taking care of her plants. Orchids are her favourite flowers.
Jez has a passion for travelling and adores cold climates. During the weekends, she likes to go café-hopping.
Nisa like arts and crafts, and those who knows her usually said she is a creative person. In her free time, she also enjoys baking and reading. Additionally, she is interested in travelling, visiting fun attractions, and seeking places with good food.
Kshitij Dhanuka
Systems Architect
Lee Ching
Senior Accounts Executive
Lynette Maritz
Global Operations Executive
Kshitij also goes by KD since his name can be tricky to pronounce. At leisure KD likes watching and playing sports, board games, and poker.
Lee Ching has a keen interest in travelling and she goes to places with rich historical architecture to widen her knowledge. She also enjoys live music performances and likes attending musicals, plays and concerts.
Lynette is passionate about life, enjoys hanging out, and she is from a city that produces the most fabulous wine. Her aim every day is to make a difference for the betterment of all that surrounds her.
Lynn Chong
Regional Sales Manager, Asia & Business Manager, Corporate
Accounts Executive
Ngai Hing Long
VP, Finance
Lynn loves travel and good food and wine. She especially loves going on wine trips to explore different vineyards and taste different wines. She is an avid fitness enthusiast and enjoys spending time in the gym or cycling in the outdoors. She is also a certified yoga instructor.
Mira is a fan of fantasy movies like Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings. Going bowling or swimming with her family makes her holiday complete. A cup of coffee will brighten up her day.
For leisure, Hing Long enjoys online research, traveling, and watching movies.
Nikiwe Mhlauli
Global Operations Executive
Parnee Potchanakorn
Senior HR Officer
Rafeah Slamat
Accounts Manager
Parnee enjoys playing badminton, yoga and gardening.
In her free time, Rafeah enjoys riding around Singapore on her Vespa, travelling, and baking sourdough breads.
Rasyidah Binte Mohamad Amar
Accounts Executive
Rini Surjanie
Data Analyst
Roji Joseph
Trade Finance Manager
Rasyidah appreciates the tranquillity of the sea thus she loves beach holidays the most. Her dream is to see the Aurora Borealis one day. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, especially in thriller & romance genres.
Rini enjoys cooking, gardening and travelling. In her free time, she also likes to read, watch movies, and hang out with friends.
Shivani Jha
Business Analyst Executive
Syazana Jumari
HR & Sales Support Manager
Shivani is an avid reader and loves travelling and painting. She has a fascination for everything to do with traveling and art. Sunsets and stars amuse her.
Syazana is a animal lover and she enjoys visiting animal sanctuary in different countries. During her free time, Syazana either behaves like a tourist in her home country or chilling out at her own abode.
In her free time, Rafeah enjoys riding around Singapore on her Vespa, travelling, and baking sourdough breads.
Boobal likes to play tennis and roller skate. He also enjoys traveling and seeing the world.
Andeline enjoys cafe-hopping and baking in her free time.
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