Sing Fuels Launches Base Oil Desk

Singapore-based energy trading company Sing Fuels is pleased to announce the launch of a Base Oil Desk as part of an ongoing expansion plan.

Located in Singapore, the Base Oil Desk is in line with the company’s current growth strategy to diversify its products; Sing Fuels will be trading Group I, II and III base oil products:


Group I Group II Group III
SN 130 60N 4cst
SN 150 70N 6cst
SN 500 150N 8cst
BS 150 500N  


“We are very excited to unveil our new base oil desk which is made up of a team with extensive experience and market knowledge,” says Satnam Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Sing Fuels.  

“To strengthen the team, we have appointed Amin Jairaj Koragappa as Head of Base Oil, APAC and Roji Joseph as Trade Finance Manager. Their industry insights and skills will be a great boost to the business.“

Amin Jairaj Koragappa has over 15 years of experience in trading Base Oil and other petroleum products. His last position was at GP Global, where he was working as a Head of Base Oils, APAC and was responsible and accountable for developing the base oil desk for GP Group and trading in APAC region, including China, Bangladesh & India. Prior to GP Global, he was with ExxonMobil & Bharat Shell in India
where he was in supply & operations for more than 10 years. He is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University with a diploma in Shipping & Logistics Management in Singapore from HRM Consulting Associates Pte Ltd (official course provider for Institute of Shipping Management (ISM)).

“Base oils are main components of finished lubricants, greases and metal processing fluids. As a newly formed base oil desk, we will integrate the base oil team with Sing Fuels’ current operations in order to grow together and reach new milestones. The team will source various types of base oils directly from the refineries both in bulk & flexi bags & supplying to various customers. Our plan is to focus on South East Asia, China, India and Bangladesh, following with expansion strategy globally,” says Amin Jairaj Koragappa.

Roji Joseph has more than 12 years of experience in trade finance and operations. He started his career in his home country, India and had shifted to Singapore in 2008. In his last position at GP Global, he was the Lead Treasury, APAC and was responsible for all varieties of trade financial instruments that can be used by an importer or exporter. Roji holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and Library Science.

“I am excited to join the team and be part of a dynamic company. I look forward to contributing to the team’s success and wellbeing of our healthy society,” says Roji Joseph.

Contact details of Amin Jairaj Koragappa and Roji Joseph are as follows:

Amin Jairaj Koragappa
Designation: Head
of Base Oil, APAC
Mobile: +65 9626 2904
Email: / 


Roji Joseph
Designation: Trade Finance Manager
Mobile: +65 9236 8393
Email: / 

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