Sing Fuels Honoured To Be Recognised Among The Top-5 High-Growth Companies At Singapore’s Enterprise 50 Awards

Sing Fuels is thrilled to announce a momentous achievement of being recognised among the top-5 high-growth companies in this year’s prestigious Enterprise 50 Awards. This is not only our sixth consecutive recognition but also marks the highest ranking we have achieved in our Enterprise 50 journey, a milestone that fills us with immense pride and gratitude.

This honour is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and significant growth within the energy sector. In a year that presented challenges and opportunities, our dedication to sustainable growth has never wavered, showcasing our resilience and innovative spirit. We continue excelling in our core business of marine fuels, significantly growing our base of thousands of customers and suppliers in over 350 ports around the world.

Our ascent to this remarkable ranking in the Enterprise 50 Awards signifies our proactive approach to tackling the pressing challenges facing the marine fuels and energy industries globally. By harnessing innovation and technology, we are not only expanding our business reach but also making a substantial impact worldwide. Our focus is firmly set on developing solutions that address critical industry issues, fostering more innovative business practices.

This achievement is more than a recognition of past successes; it represents a guiding light towards a future brimming with ambition and purpose. Our active involvement in energy transition and partnerships for cleaner energy solutions are key steps towards our vision of a more sustainable future. It is a shared triumph, made possible by the collaborative efforts of our dedicated Sing Fuels team, esteemed customers, and valued partners.

As we stand at this significant milestone, we are more committed than ever to contributing positively to the energy sector through innovation and diversification. Join us as we continue this transformative journey, aiming for greater heights.

Sing Fuels Introduces Its Sustainability Desk With Hiring Chief Sustainability And Innovation Officer

Sing Fuels, a leading provider of marine fuel solutions, today announced the launch of its new Sustainability Desk and the appointment of Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer, Mr Mahesh Kumar, a renowned advocate in Singapore’s sustainability space. The sustainability desk will offer a range of services to help ship owners and operators reduce their environmental impact.

Mr Kumar, most recently led and grew EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy at Nanyang Technological University as an innovation cluster focused on building and accelerating deep-tech energy innovation capabilities in Singapore to support the nation’s future energy transition. He was also Programme Director at Energy Research Institute @ NTU championing translation of deeptech sustainable technologies from labs to markets. He is a board-level executive and innovator with a customer-focused approach, incorporating a deep knowledge of the start-up and innovation landscape. He has numerous years of experience in clean energy/sustainability technology translation across multiple industries and has facilitated innovation through multiple early and late-stage companies.

The appointment of the new Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer demonstrates Sing Fuels’ commitment to sustainability and its efforts to support the maritime industry in meeting its environmental goals. The new executive will lead the development of new and innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of shipping.

“We are proud to launch our Sustainability Desk and appoint a Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer, Mahesh brings a wealth of experience that will help transform our Industry,” said Vikash Dhanuka, CEO of Sing Fuels. “We believe that it is our responsibility to support our customers in reducing their environmental impact, and we are committed to developing innovative solutions that make this possible. Our carbon trading desk is just the first step in our journey towards a more sustainable future for the maritime industry.”

Sing Fuels’ Sustainability Desk will work with customers to understand their sustainability needs and provide them with customised solutions to meet those needs. Sustainability desk will focus on strong governance and compliance, carbon management services, establish alternative fuels trading desk, champion zero carbon fuels, emission reduction technologies, MRV technologies, carbon capture, and sustainable finance & technology investments to enable the energy transition. The Sustainability desk will also spearhead Industry’s efforts to bring more sustainable alternative energy sources into the shipping world in times to come. 

Sing Fuels will further expand its growing portfolio of alternative-energy investments and initiatives as part of its sustainability efforts. The company continues to grow its partnership and investments in early-stage companies V-flow Tech, the premier Vanadium-based clean energy storage solutions in the world. Sing Fuels has engaged with V-Flow tech in a Proof-of-concept effort powering up multiple villages in Africa, where energy and its continued availability have been scarce. 

“Our goal is to help the maritime industry reduce its environmental impact and make shipping more sustainable,” said Mahesh Kumar, Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer of Sing Fuels. “We are excited to be at the forefront of this effort and look forward to working with our customers to achieve this goal.”

Sing Fuels CEO is a winner of the SBR Management Excellence awards

Sing Fuels is pleased to announce that our CEO, Mr, Vikash Dhanuka, has received Executive of the Year for oil and gas at SBR Management Awards. An entrepreneur, global visionary and innovator, he has more than two decades of experience responsible for the inception and running of companies within the energy, fintech, cleantech, edtech and telecommunications industries, producing over half a billion dollars in revenue per annum.

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