“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”- Peter Drucker

As we all are aware, individuals’ lives and employment across the globe has been significantly impacted by COVID-19, and their working experience has been disrupted.

Sing Fuels have taken this tumultuous period in good stride and invested time and effort in formulating strategies to ensure a positive working environment and employee experience is maintained during the pandemic.

Like many other enterprises, the pandemic has forced us to improvise our style of working, adopt new technologies and reassess our internal operations and communications.

Vivid Communication Strategy

While we adopt a remote working style, collaboration and communication amongst colleagues have changed the traditional employee experience.

The Management has embraced proper and timely communication with all employees to boost their preparedness of any situation. They have also encouraged employees to voice out their challenges, concerns, queries and feedback on the new working style via company-wide surveys. These in turn have enabled the company to understand and support its family better.

Emphasis on Company Values & Culture

Sing Fuels value and culture is a priority. We believe with the continuous upkeep of a strong & vibrant company culture and clear message on the company’s mission & vision, employees stay more engaged and productive. Aligning employees’ visibility on the company’s goals have dramatically given more attention.

We are actively cultivating values such as inclusion and individuality to further promote comraderies. Leaders and managers of Sing Fuels are driving cross-functional collaboration to address and solve company’s most pressing problems which leads to effective team building and positive attitudes towards work.

Staying Connected and Engaged

Despite being physically disconnected, our Team Leaders have stepped up their game in connecting and engaging all colleagues. Regular cadences, feedback sessions and an open-door policy has allowed employees to get hold of information they need, have better goal/task clarity and stay productive. More employees are encouraged to participate in two-way conversations where they are free to convey their thoughts and suggestions.

Additionally, exploiting the benefits of appropriate communication and collaboration digital tools such as Microsoft Teams has proven beneficial for all employees’ experience.

Empowering our Colleagues

The pandemic has not deterred Sing Fuels’ employee growth and development. A sense of purpose definitely has an overarching impact on business processes and ultimately, the end results. Hence, a conscious effort has been made within our organization to further recognize our talents and their persevering spirit. Six new appointments have been announced to groom our role models. Their work and efforts have been rewarded fairly which has boosted our colleagues’ morale and experience substantially. They also play a critical role in educating and encouraging their team members to continually innovate and deliver brilliant work results. Click here to view our new and proud appointments:

Virtual Celebrations

Delivering cakes to colleagues’ doorstep is just one of the means by which Sing Fuels is searching unorthodox ways to celebrate special occasions. Celebrating staff & their family members’ birthdays and commemorative days have not been put on hold. In fact, virtual celebrations over Zoom are conducted monthly. Nobody says No to a Zoom Party, right? Even if a mere small smile creeps onto our family’s face, it makes our day. Hover over to our LinkedIn page to see how we celebrated Father’s Day:

Creating a positive work environment is certainly not the easiest and it demands plenty of patience and time. Colleagues take time to react and adapt to changes. However, when we consistently educate, be transparent and duly recognize their efforts, we eventually build and foster a resilient workforce amidst a positive working environment.

“Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.” – George Washington