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Sing Fuels Welcomes Ulrich Hyldedahl Rasmussen as Credit Manager


Sing Fuels is delighted to announce the admission of Ulrich Hyldedahl Rasmussen as Credit Manager. He will be based in Singapore and will head the Credit Team globally.

Ulrich’s Professional Profile:
Ulrich is a Knowledgeable Credit Manager with broad, international experience in the Oil/Gas, Commodity and Maritime Sectors. Possessing a keen understanding of Global Development and Macroeconomic Factors, he utilizes them to develop sound credit strategies and structures that are in line with corporate credit policies and strategic goals.

With numerous years of experience providing reliable credit management in a rapidly changing environment, Ulrich is also skilled in building and maintaining strategic partnerships and leveraging proactive cooperation to position the company in the market.

His contact details are as follows:

Ulrich Hyldedahl Rasmussen
Credit Manager
+65 9388 9515
+65 6420 0408