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Sing Fuels Welcomes Kurosh Khonsari as Sales Manager


Sing Fuels is pleased to welcome Kurosh Khonsari as Sales Manager. His role is to build company awareness and strengthen our service offerings within the UAE market.

Kurosh’s Professional Profile:
Kurosh started his Bunker Trading career in Denmark almost 20 years ago. After working for a few years, he decided to move to Dubai where another opportunity arose. He spent more than 6 years in Dubai honing his skills and building up his customer database.

“We are pleased to have Kurosh on our team, as he is a top-notch Bunker Trader with years of experience. He has worked with the most prestigious companies in the industry and we are positive that he will bring important skill sets to the table.”

His contact details are as follows:

Kurosh Khonsari
Sales Manager
+971 54 404 9610